NEWS – Frigatebirds Flock to WH, Endanger the Planet

There are so many guys in the real estate who negotiate like Trump does.  They think of it as a contest of wills, that their tenacity is going to carry the day. They think starting big is overwhelming and that being insistent is the same as persuasive. It’s a “Game of Shlongs – who’s got the bigger palace?” situation for sure which may win the pharmacist the price of a box of condoms but is no way to get a deal signed. First off, anyone is potentially a guy who thinks his is the biggest and then you’ve got no edge on him. And the outlandish demands? Everybody knows from the moment you utter them that you’re going to back down and then when a real deal breaker comes along, you’ve lost your credibility. It helps to take risks, to have balls of steel, but there’s better ways to spend your courage than pointless brinksmanship. It also helps if you have a ton of successful experiences, earlier discovered templates you can repurpose for the deal at hand and, in that respect, he’s made a terrible mistake bringing all these novices to the table with him, more arrogance and disrespect for actual expertise. The best negotiator, though, is the one who can make the justice argument, the argument that your position is the fairest. It’s really about problem solving and finding opportunities for everyone to get their dealbreakers satisfied which is to say YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW THE DEAL! From top to bottom, all the details. You’ve got to read every somnabulant syllable of the document. THE BEST DEALMAKER IS THE ONE THAT KNOWS THE DEAL BEST. Guys like Trump, they think they can wing it, that no matter how thin you slice him, each saluma is chock full with potent peppers of preternatural persuassion power. With Kim, with McConnell (not a fan of either, btw), he is as impotent in diplomacy as he is esteemed by Congress as he is ignorant of health care. His satisfaction with being a moron is a dangerous thing.

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