NEWS -Missing My Hot Comb (and the Hair to Use It)


Considering what a miserable time I had in my Boston University days, I sure like music that takes me back there. This was the big 70’s set this morning: “Come Monday'” Jimmy Buffett (this one takes me closer to Max’s than Kenmore Square); “So Fine (It’s Frightening),” Andy Pratt; “Avenging Annie,” Andy Pratt; “Dream On,” Aerosmith; “Please Please,” Stories; “Do Ya,” The Move. I also liked the smell of burning hair very much. Any songs that fit that anyone would like to add?



2 Responses to “NEWS -Missing My Hot Comb (and the Hair to Use It)”

  1. mdnathanpreds Says:

    I certainly remember falling for that Jimmy Buffett record, “A White Sportcoat and a Pink Crustacean” because of Max’s… but for me it was the song “He Went To Paris.” I think Come Monday might have come on his next effort. This Max’s era always takes me back to Martin Mull’s “The Blacks Are Giving Me The Blues,” and also, for me, since I saw him perform there, Albert Hammond, Sr. and his “Free Electric Band.” There are a few others… Hollies, “Long Dark Road” and Moogy and Todd’s “Cryin’ In The Sunshine” … but I’m right there with you on Andy, Aerosmith, Stories and The Move 🙂

  2. newsornotnews Says:

    Yes, “Long Cool Woman” and I’ll throw in a “Hold Your Head Up,” and a “Rubber Bullets.”

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