NOT NEWS – To All My Fans In China


Did you have a chance to look at the Zeeeko cartoons that Alex did? The Gordon Ramsay one? On Youtube, that got more than 3,000,000 hits in one week.  My posting of it got 25.

That’s the way it is, starting up the blog again. A couple of years ago, after I had been doing it dependably for a while, I could count on 50 or 60 reads and, on occasion, a post would get a couple of hundred hits. Last week, well, let’s say the Zeeeko post was my most popular.

On the other hand, four views last week came from France, two from Finland, one from Germany and one from China. Amazing, right? How does that happen? What are they googling that brings them here?

An expatriate in Hong Kong checking Glenda Jackson’s reviews or maybe a Manchurian teen with a love for animation who hacked past the Chinese firewall to become part of an international community of toon lovers? Do the Finns all take antidepressant medications resulting in trembling legs? Perhaps that explains Finland toppipng the list of the worlds happiest countries? They’re all doped up!

Notwithstanding their rep, I’ve always found the French open and friendly.  I think somewhere I heard that they’re very fond of American Jews there. Maybe that’s what brings them here (I may be misremembering that). [This is my wisdom on the French and Jews: In France, they don’t like Jews but they are completely accepting of any individual Jew;  In the USA, everyone claims to be unprejudiced towards the Jews but they’d just as soon not have to encounter or deal with or vote for one.]

Whoever you all are (and I recognize that most readers are my friends and family), I thank you.  We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters – I wouldn’t do it if you weren’t there. I’m very grateful.

The Jonathan Demme film Handle with Care, begins and ends with the voice of Candy Clark (whose persona, Electra, trolls the CB radio waves every spare moment, it being 1977) whispering in the dark, anonymously, to a trucker known only by his handle,  “There are a lot of voices out there, but yours is different.”


One Response to “NOT NEWS – To All My Fans In China”

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