NOT NEWS – Drug Talk


Mark, Don and I were having cocktails and a nosh at the Nomad Bar when Mark asked, “Did you smoke on the street on the way over?’, which is something I am wont to do, to the combined horror, dismay and amusement of my friends. I turned to Mark and I said, “You know, it’s funny. The last time I went out for drinks with Don, he asked me the same question and, that day, I had smoked on the way to meet him, and he started talking to me about my excessive pot smoking and he asked how early I usually start smoking and how much I smoke during the day. He wasn’t judgmental or aggressive, no admonishing. It was clear he was talking from a place of concern and caring and I tried to be as open as i could be, not defensive, taking it in the spirit it was meant and it’s really had an impact. It’s changed my behavior.” “How so?” “Well, I don’t smoke in front of Don anymore.”

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