NEWS -Whippings and Apologies

Reader, dear reader, I owe you an apology. These most recent blog posts? They’re not my best. As a matter of fact, I can do much better. I know I can because I am currently in a very stupid period. I’m stupider, or at least, less intelligent than ever. I guess it’s all the general anesthesia or all the time unconscious or all the time in bed over the last month. I am not thinking at my best. And how do I know this? The NYT Crossword. In March, I completed 29 out of 31 puzzles. In April, 27 out of 30. In May I finished 27 out of 31. Since the tenth of June, when my medical problems went into hyperdrive? Five. I came home from the hospital June 2o, I haven’t had any treatment since then and in those three weeks I’ve only managed five. The puzzles haven’t become any harder. The only explanation is that I have become impaired and I can only hope it’s a temporary condition because, aside from the fact that i like finishing the puzzle, I’ve never been the most physical guy. I don’t work out, was never much into sports, have never really put a lot of effort into my physical self.  My edge as a kid, I thought, was that I was smarter than everyone else (by the way, even before this current problem, I no longer believed that. When I started practicing, I’d end up working with big law firm partners and those guys are just humbling smart. Now, everybody seems smarter than me). It’s how I competed. My body was just a support system for my mind. It’s where my pride lies. Now, my body, from which I asked so little, has betrayed me by breaking down in the most grotesque and dangerous ways and, if that was not enough, it’s dulling my mind as it does so. And Tuesday, I go in for another endoscopy and more general anesthesia. So, bear with me please. I’ll keep doing the best I can and, soon I hope, I’ll be back to my usual self. If you’re enjoying now, well, just wait.

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