NOT NEWS -Al Franken Not VP Nominee Yet


Is it a bad idea? Minnesota is a solidly blue state in national elections so he doesn’t have the advantage of bringing a contested state with him. He’s old – at 64, you’re not creating a path for the next generation of democratic leader. He’s not black or Spanish, two constituencies you’d like to motivate to turn out in big numbers. He’s not Elizabeth Warren. Is it a good idea? Minnesota went strongly for Bernie. Franken won Minnesota by a wide margin – he assures the Bros will come out for Hillary. The election is likely to be fought in the rustbelt states and Franken comes from one – he knows those issues. Minnesota has a Democratic governor and will appoint a Democratic senator to replace Franken. He would be an effective attack dog – subtle, pointed and deadly. He would be the first Jewish vice president which doesn’t necessarily add a voting constituency but might attract contributions from the AIPAC wing not lined up with the Adelson-type Israel supporters. Franken has strong progressive support. He’s funny – it’ll definitely liven up the election. He’s good enough, he’s smart enough and, doggone it, people like him.

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