NOT NEWS – Trump University’s Course Catalog With Commentary by Dean Donald J. Trump


The Real Estate Investor Training Program

A comprehensive, interactive, and results-oriented “active learning” program for real estate investing. “The thing about this class is that it isn’t just learning, this is ‘active learning’ which is over 1,000 times better than ordinary learning. Plain learning is for dummies and losers. You’ll be learning so actively your head will spin. You’ll be saying ‘not so active. We can’t take it,’ but you’ll love it, believe me.”

Field Mentorship

Get 3 Days Personal Coaching by a Real Estate Investment Expert — In Person and On Location “I’m going to get fantastic mentors. The best. Guys like Carl Icahn I’m going to put on this. Tough guys. The mentoring that goes on now, it’s pathetic. When you’re a protege for three days with somebody, not anybody but somebody I choose, it’s really going to be something.”

Real Estate Coaching

Reach Your Investment Goals Faster with a Professional Real Estate Coach! “I have a lot of respect for coaches like Bobby Knight. Isn’t he a great guy? He helped us, believe me. In Indiana I had a landslide. Nobody ever saw anything like it before. That was my goal. You’ve got to have goals because if you don’t, what’ve you got? You’re going to end up sorry.”

Master Secrets of Tax Lien Investing

Your complete learning system on low-risk, high-return tax lien investments. “This is an important class. you’ve got to take it. What else can you do? You’ve got to take it. Now, for me, I get very high returns, huge returns, because, you see, I take risks but they’re not really risks for me because, for me, I know what I’m doing. Practically nobody knows what they’re doing but me. When you’re talking debt, I am a master. Nobody knows debt like I do.”

Incorporate Your Business

“The beauty of this is that it’s right there. It’s all right there in the title. Some people read the title and they don’t get it. They just don’t get it. What do you do with somebody like that? I can’t stand them. I’d like to punch them in the face. They’re sleazes. Get them out of here.”

Foreclosure DealSource

Your one source for complete and accurate distressed property listings an essential real estate investing tool. “A businessman, and that’s what I am, I’m a very important businessman, a businessman does what i do. So what does the political press expect me to do? They are so bad. They’re the worst ever ever. But this is what a businessman does, believe me. You buy properties when they’ve gone down. If you’re smart, that’s when you make your money. They’re such dummies.”

Profit From Real Estate Investing – Free Introductory Class

Learn how to invest and profit in real estate at this FREE introductory workshop. “I offer this class for nothing. For nothing. I could have charged. A lot of people were telling me ‘Charge them, charge them, everybody charges’ but that’s not right. It’s not how I do it. I never charge for classes except all the other classes, you’ve got to charge for them. You’ve got to. If you don’t charge no one gets how valuable it is though this class, there’s not too much we teach you in this class.”

Quick Start Real Estate Retreat

Focusing on Wholesale/Lease Option methods, you’ll learn how to create quick cash without using any of your own money or credit. “This class, 97% of the people who have gone on this retreat, which by the way is held at The Trump Fallsburg, 97% have written letters, that we have that we can show you, where they say this has been the most magnificent weekend of their life, that it has changed them. They say it has changed them. Since the hotel is not open for the season yet, we stay in the waiters’ bunks which, you’re worried they’re not comfortable? They’re unbelievably comfortable but you’ve got to keep them clean because the estonians come over next week.”

Wealth Preservation Retreat

Learn how to effectively structure your financial affairs in a way that ensures maximum protection. “Not so many women go on the retreats which is really, really a shame because no one respects women like Donald J. Trump. I honor them. I honor women but they hear they’re all sharing the waiters’ bunkhouse and they act ‘We’re so clean, we’re so nice’ plus they hear all kinds of outrageous lies about the hygiene from the press. They’re liars Not every one but most of them. They lie.”

Creative Financing Retreat

Learn the best known creative real estate financing strategies for any property in today’s market. “I’ve always said that a good woman broker with a rack, a hard working one, is worth eleven men without a rack. If a woman knows how to talk to a man, really talk to a man, then she’s in control. She has all the power. The men can’t say anything, it’s not PC to say anything, especially if she’s hot. That’s how you make a lot of money with a hard working hot broker, so long as, so long as she doesn’t gain weight.”

Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Investing – Online Version   

“I’m not going to tell you what this is. It’s crazy how, some teachers and i’m not saying who but I’ve heard about some teachers and i saw them on TV, they tell you the Three Master Secrets right away and then everybody knows what they are. They’re giving away the whole thing! I’m not going to do that. I’m going to keep the secrets and when its the time, the right time, then i’m going to use those secrets to surprise everyone. Until then, everything’s on the table”.

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