NOT NEWS – Chores

We’re all adults here so it shouldn’t create a scandal if we acknowledge that men, even men with hot and loving wives like lucky me, enjoy the occasional masturbation. It’s something we’re drawn to. It was our first erotic experience. I don’t know  why i’m even trying to justify it here. We all know what’s good about masturbating. In my current case, though, well, let’s say I expect that my hands are going to be filled a lot more with free time. It’s not that, if i undertake the journey, i don’t reach my destination but at a certain point it becomes a bridge too far. First of all, I wake up and take a fistful of anti-depressants with the side effect of rigidity hostility. Next, since infection destroyed all but a little tail of my pancreas, I am diabetic. Even under control, that can be erectile deficiencing. Being 60 years of age is less than a benefit. Now, already paddling upstream, I’m anemic. Not having attended medical school, I can’t opine on the effect of reduced red blood cell capacity on that most blood-greedy organ but, with my new symptom of running out of breath File_000 (1)easily, I’ve reached a tipping point. A question that was always answered (subject to the usual guilt restraints) “yes” is now sometimes no. Which will at least have the happy effect that a higher percentage of my flights will not be solo.

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