It was never my intention to be writing a medical blog so I’m going to make this short (also because I’m writing this from a stretcher in the recovery room). Turns out, no surprise, I’m a bloody ass, as the Brits would say. Yesterday’s endoscopy revealed nothing but a couple of  sutures left over from the cancer surgery so, accordingly, today I had the colonoscopy which, as Soupy says, sounds so romantic in Turkey, and which revealed bleeding diverticuli which, further, if you’re not familiar, are sort of pimples on the colon. Why were they bleeding? Stigmata is my guess but probably a diet low on fiber is more likely (though, based on last night’s cleanse, I’m good on solids).  So that’s the story. O! Anemia, city in the sky! It’s time for me to leave you (and Lenox Hill). Sorry Jolean. No more strap-ons. 

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