Generally speaking, any day you receive anal stimulation three times is a good day. This time, no. Three doctors have pierced the booty looking for blood in the stool…and they found it. Hence my shortness of breath – anemia. Dr. Horbar examined me in his office and then sent me to Lenox Hill to get a scope put down my throat to examine my stomach (there’s a word for that ending in -scopy but I don’t remember what it is) to see if any of the several surgical sites from last time are bleeding. We arrived at 11:00am. I got a bed in the ER at about 1:00 and waited for my exam. At about 3:00 I was told I had to stay overnight because not only was I getting a downyourthroatoscopy but a colonoscopy in the morning under sedation. At 5:00 I was moved into a room (private thanks to Jolean – more on that to follow). At 6:30 I was told no colonoscopy tomorrow which means only the down the throat thing which, of course, I could have had as an outpatient during the day today. So here I am, back at Lenox, where I resided for 86 days in the fall of 2014. It sucks. As I said, I have a private room and a delicious container of chicken broth from Pastrami Queen and those are the least of what Jolean’s taken care of today. She came home last night despite my wishes that she not fuss and, truth be told, I greeted her in the most disagreeable asshole way. It was a little ugly for a while. She wanted to be with me though because, well, she’s my wife and loves me. And, really, I was grateful she was there because I love her madly. And and I would have had a difficult time getting through the day without her and not because she bought me soup (though I can’t recommend the soup highly enough). It’s because I’m lonely for her when she’s not with me and it would have been impossible to endure that in addition to of everything else.

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    This wwas a lovely blog post

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