NEWS – I Have a New Guitar Tuner

20160516_120249 (2)

I love tuning my guitars. You clip the tuner to the guitar head, turn it on and pluck a string. The face of the tuner lights up, showing the note of the string you’ve played, and indicating, through lit bars on each side of the note, whether you’re sharp or flat. Then you adjust the tuning peg until the face turns green. It’s such a satisfying chore. The guitar sounds so great when it’s tuned right. Unfortunately, tuning is my area of greatest competence. I’ve been trying to teach myself to play since December and, honestly, i’m barely better at it now than i was the second day learning. There are about two dozen chords that I remember very imperfectly and it takes me about 30 seconds to switch from one to the other. On the one hand, it’s kind of pathetic and a bit discouraging. On the other, you strum your pick against the strings and it just sounds so beautiful. I’m amazed a beginner can make such a great sound. I really like doing it. Not only that – it affords you opportunities to buy things and I love buying things. Getting new stuff is one of my greatest pleasures. Hence, i’ve bought the new tuner. And guitars. I’ve kind of gone crazy buying guitars.20160516_151837_001 (1)

There’s also a smaller acoustic guitar I keep in my bedroom. That’s ten altogether meaning I average about two and a half chords per guitar. I’m sticking to it, though. I play four or five 15 minute stretches in the course of the day.  I’m also feeling like I have all the guitars I need for the time being so it’s all good. Nowhere to go but up. By the way, I can’t play saxophone either.

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  1. mdnathanpreds Says:

    love this!

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